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SVTA University FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Yes. In fact, we welcome your feedback! Every course for which you register and complete will provide an opportunity to review.

Some of the SVTA courses require payment while others are free of charge. For those involving payments, we accept most major forms of credit card.

Yes. All courses offered through the SVTA University will provide a certificate that can be printed or emailed. You will be able to access all of your certificate from your Student Account page.

No. SVTA University courses are available to the public.

If you have questions about taking a course in our LMS, you can start with the two support articles, How To Navigate the LMS Interface and the more general one, How To Take a Course In the SVTA University LMS. If neither of those resources help, you can always open a support ticket and we will work to answer your question.

We are always on the lookout for instructors to help develop courses. If you are an employee of a member company, it might be worth bringing the course idea to a working group meeting and suggesting it as a project. If you aren’t a member, that’s no problem! Our LMS is setup to support the development of courses by third-party instructors. Just reach out with your course idea and we will get in touch to discuss.

If you have a great idea for a course that we should offer, please feel free to contact the Streaming Video Technology Alliance.

You can find all of the courses you’ve purchased from your Student Page. From there, you can resume any courses you’ve started, access certificates of completed courses, and more.