SVTA University Tutorial: How-To Take A Course

Learn the ins-and-outs of taking a course through the SVTA University LMS.

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SVTA University Tutorial: How To Take a Course in the LMS

Each course is divided into Lessons which are further divided into Topics.


To complete a Lesson, you must do two things:

  1. Complete all topics
  2. Mark the Lesson complete

Complete All Topics

Each Lesson is comprised of one or more Topics (#6). When a Topic has been completed, it will be checked off on the list.

Complete All Topics

Generally, Lessons within a course must be completed in a linear fashion. A Lesson is only complete when you have clicked the “Mark Complete” button (#7) after reading any content which is contained in the Lesson (#5). Not all Lessons will have content themselves, but the “Mark Complete” must be clicked before advancing to the next Lesson (which can either be done using the “Next Lesson” link under the “Feedback” button or using the Course Outline on the far-left side).


Similar to a Lesson, each Topic requires two tasks

  1. Read the content
  2. Mark the Topic as complete

Read The Content (#5)

Topics may have a lot of content or very little but it’s important to read it thoroughly as any material might end up on the quiz.

Mark The Topic As Complete

Before you can progress to the next Topic in a Lesson, you must mark it as complete (#7). If this is NOT the last Topic, clicking the “Mark Complete” button will automatically progress you to the next Topic. If the Topic IS the last Topic in the Lesson, you must click on the “Back to Lesson” link at the bottom of the course content so that you can mark the Lesson as complete.